I went to sing in a choir, yesterday.  Apparently they have a very important performance date jeering from the future at their unprepared faces and I was not allowed to sing.

“You can help with costumes– there are over 60 costumes for this performance.”

Costumes?  I came to sing, but …

I’m not one for dissention or who excessively complains.  There’s no “but” here, either.  I will simply do costumes.

Of course, after this concert they’re taking a -two month- break and will resume some time in October.


I spent the entire time chatting with a lovely old man by the name of Leiland.

At some point, “Are your eyes naturally blue?” he asked.

“Yes.  Yes, they are.”

“They’re very beautiful.”

Not even the chilliness of the excessive air conditioning could remove the smile from my face.  Did I blush?  There is something about a compliment by a distinguished-looking older gentleman that erases all self-consciousness.  Maybe I -am- pretty?

Later in the evening a kind man read my palm.

“You are … unsettled,” he predicted.  “Your aura shows that one half of you is in turmoil.”

Hmmm, well … he’s right about that.

“Your upper body.  You really need to concentrate on your upper body.  Here (motions to the lung area).  Are you smoker?  No?  Hmmm …”

Well, I -would- like bigger breasts, but …

“You have a very creative mind.  You will be frustrated with your career if you stay with an analytical job.  What do you do?”

I do analytical things and that was 100% true.  It’s all about the money, right?

“I see you have had two loves so far.  I see that you will have three more until you meet your soulmate.”

Two, yes, that’s true … but -three- more before I finally get it right?  God help me.

“I see at the very end of the lifeline that you will be in some way famous!  You will leave something.  You will be known.”

Yay, something positive!  I suppose I won’t be around to enjoy it, but …

“Can you really see my aura?” I asked.

“Yes, yes.  This left side of you is very …”

Very … something.  I can’t remember the word.  I got the idea.  Fucked up, right?  Is that what you want to say?