I resisted, fought, forced, ran away from, and swore up and down I’d never do it.

But I did …

… and I’m loving every minute of it. 🙂 That of which I speak is, “Conan: Hyborian Adventures.”

It’s a beautifully-done fantasy world to explore in which I populate the immaculate and perfect body with flawless skin (and healthy, rosy cheeks) of a Priest of Mitra. The NPCs have voice-overs, there are cut-scenes, instanced quests, solo quests, endless amounts of items with stats I don’t understand, three sections of “feats” (think WoW talent points) that look ominous and overwhelming to me.

And it’s new! Everything is so, so new! And it’s actually -difficult!- It’s a challenge! There is no Smite->Smite->Smite, Loot Bear Ass, Turn in Quest for fame and fortune. With many of these quests if I’m not on the ball I will be obliterated, and that’s not just because of my class– it’s becase it’s difficult. It was made difficult. WoW players would not like this game. It’s much, much harder.

I’m not writing or reading recently and I haven’t shaved my legs in days– this is why. 🙂