And God put before Him

(What pronoun to use

for a farmer?)

A multitude of vessels

And put them on the ground

And the vessels were empty

There were many kinds of vessels

Some were shaped like man

Others were shaped like woman

Others were misshapen

Others had no eyes

Others were healthy

Others unhealthy

There was a plan

To harvest 100,000 vessels

Perfect in every way

The rest He would discard

He took from a bag at His waist

Seeds of many, many kinds and variety

Small seeds, big seeds

Healthy seeds, unhealthy seeds

Big healthy seeds, big unhealthy seeds

Small healthy seeds, small unhealthy seeds

Misshapen seeds

And He scattered these seeds

He sewed them

Over the vessels

He threw them

Into the vessels

He had many seeds

And fewer vessels

He cared not where they landed

And in the fertile earth

Many seeds took life

And grew

Many seeds did not take life

And died

The seeds grew in the vessels

Big seeds in big vessels

Small seeds in small vessels

Unhealthy seeds in unhealthy vessels

Healthy seeds in small vessels

Big seeds in misshapen vessels

Small seeds in healthy vessels

The vessels grew

Some vessels died early

Some vessels grew too large

Some vessels would not die

Some vessels were perfect

Some vessels were imperfect

Some vessels were healthy

Some vessels were small

The day came

When God took his 100,000 vessels

And left the rest