Looking back it was much, much easier than it could have been for me doing it myself.

Hmmm? Now you’re wondering if you read correctly and yes … yes, you did. I did the upgrade myself!

Well, what were my alternative? The neighbor boys? I hardly know them. My friend who got me hooked on WoW and Age of Conan? Too far away. A computer store? Oh hell no … too expensive and probably dishonest.

That leaves … moi!

It can’t be that hard, can it? After all … there are only -four- new parts in total. Such a small number!

If you are able to sort through the mess of dust and cords, despite the fact that there are so very many silver and shiny and seemingly fragile complicated components on the motherboard, there are actually few things I would dare to touch and only one or two umbelical cords connect them to the mother system.

For example: hard drives. They have a power source (the multi-colored wires) and what’s called an SATA cord. While I have no idea what that means or how it’s significant, the cord simply goes from the hard drive to the motherboard and doesn’t seem to have any fragile, prickly pins to break.

How hard is that? Roll up your sleeves … here we go!

Step one: unhook -everything!- from the motherboard. This was easy. Pull pull pull. Done.

Step two: take out PCI cards. Easy, also! I don’t think I had any. Oh, wait, I did. Just one! Easy!

Step three: take out motherboard. Well … now that there’s positively -nothing- attached to it, it’s as simple as removing the tiny and well-hidden screws cunningly scattered around where you can’t find them.

Step three: put in new motherboard. Put it back where the other one was. Done!

Step four: memory. Now … I’ve done this before. Wacky, volatile little “sticks” that are destroyed by accidental static electricity or thinking about monkeys. Don’t think about monkeys, don’t think about monkeys, don’t think about monkeys …

Step five: reattach cords. Ah. This isn’t so fun. There are these cryptic, abbreviated messages in white-colored, techno-looking capital letters from aliens written on the green motherboard and I’m supposed to interpret them and put the correct colored, twisted cord back onto the tiny pins in a maneuver that a brain surgeon wouldn’t touch, otherwise the hard drive light won’t light up, it won’t power up, or you can’t reset. Joy.

Step six: power on! OMG! It actually worked! But … it hates the hard drives … oh god …

(to be continued)