I just found out yesterday that Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard’s next expansion to World of Warcraft, is in beta! Not only that but people are already submitting videos on YouTube.com of Death Knight PvP.

The reason I bring this up is my mood has taken a turn for the worse, one of the side-effects being attempts at escapism, a direct effect being I recently re-installed the WoW client and may guiltily begin to play again.

But I’m undecided.

On one hand, WoW is full of squabbling little children who are simply awful at playing video games. The PvP is forever lacking, the instances I’ve been through a million times, the ramp-up to being gear-viable in instances is discouraging, Sisters of Elune is devoid of PuG raids … the only reason I even consider it is because I get to be someone else for a while.

I find this very odd since AoC is in the exact same genre, is much more difficult, is for a mature audience, much better graphics and scenery, much more realistic, and everything is brand new to me (hell, my talent points are so screwed up it’s not even funny), and I get to be someone far prettier than the anorexic Blood Elves or the empty-eyed Night Elves (don’t even talk to me about the human women).

At the same time, AoC com-pletely lacks the addictive qualities of WoW, that is, instant gratification and hope of reward. This is a good thing and I can easily walk away from AoC and take an extended break.