Le sigh.

Playing World of Warcraft, about to do the pyramid event in ZF, everything had been going great, I’m a shapely level 46 Draenei hunter (yeah, yeah– I play because it’s easy), I have an amazing figure with hardly any exercise, and I decide to play some Muse to help along the ambience.

I Alt-Tab over to my running Safari and click the play button on the Flash widget on the Skreemr.com page.  I Alt-Tab back but the Windows task bar remains with me

Odd …

I attempt to Alt-Tab back to Safari to shut it down (it sometimes crashes– big surprise!) but always come back to WoW.  Even more odd, I can still control my character; I just have the pesky task bar.

I try Ctrl-Alt-Del.  Nothing.

Now this is very odd.  Usually the Task Manager will come up and allow you to destroy these zombie processes.  Not this time.

Out of frustration, I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del in succession.  This is most likely where the first big mistake was.

The computer reboots.  Windows beings to load, but … at the last second, a very ugly blue screen really, really wants me to check my disk.  I really, really don’t want to (about to do the pyramid event at ZF, you know?) and press any key to abort.  It really, really doesn’t want to abort.  So I feed it several keys and it finally gets the message, rebooting.

Bizarre, yes, but not beyond the ability of my computer to be this stupid.

Bad news.  Windows doesn’t even boot:  I get a black screen of nothingness instead.

I shut down and leave it for a few seconds.  Start it up again.

This time, a black screen accompanied by a CLUNK sound comes from my hard drives.

Uh oh.

Long story short, I had to put in the old hard drives I was using in the computer before the upgrade (old reliable Maxtor) and since I use Linux at work decided just to install it straight out.