OK, you’re not going to bloody believe this …

My hard drive crashed.


Here’s what I had done:  foregone Windows and gone straight to Linux (this is, after all, what I use at work and at this point I’m more than comfortable with this), re-install Fedora 9 from scratch … TWICE … first the 64-bit version (yes, yes, OK, OK, I thought it would be twice as fast!) then back to the 32-bit, then re-downloading WoW, then having the …  Same.  Thing.  Happen.  Again.

Soooo … at this point I’ve got to believe that something else is at fault than Linux or my baffling motherboard.

Did I mention its setup to Raid 0?  Why, you may ask … and I would answer … because the guy who setup my computer last time did Raid 0 so I just followed along with the upgrade and did it again.

Probably a mistake if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, this time around … no Raid -anything,- … just pure Fedora Core 9 with everythingeverythingeverything set to default and my fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong … right?

I am reluctant to re-install WoW because of how much of my time it started taking.  I have such an ability and inspiration to write and so, so much to write about that my time is better spent hashing out sentences and deciding what’s the most descriptive and terse adjective to use.

By the way, did I mention that my spouse and I are separated and will divorce?  No?  Well, there you go …