So … lately I’ve been seriously thinking about long-term goals.

I’m feeling very stable and settled in my personal life and now I want to expand and develop my career and relationships in a direction of my choosing.

Things like a boyfriend, a house, the city environment in which I live, my career, vacations, etc.

Much of this was prompted (reminded?) by watching the first fifteen minutes of the movie, “The Secret,” which is a very high-production and simplified version of Seth’s books (go look ’em up).

The entire “philosophy” (for lack of a better word) is that visualization and imagination evoke actual, physical change in the universe which then trickles down into your personal life.

I’ve done what people usually do, i.e. sit down and sketch out my strengths/weaknesses, preferences, aptitudes, things that make me happy, things I like to do, things I think I’d like to do, etc. things I’ve done that I’ve liked, etc.

Is it bad that the only thing I’ve come up with is that I’d like to live in the fantasy world of the photographs of fashion magazines?