I am different– it is a fact.  In being different, there are special things about me;

As of this afternoon I have stopped trying to “be normal.”  This is resulting in frustration, discontent, and the focus on the disparity;

Instead of dwelling on the negative and things I can’t change, I’ve adjusted my focus elsewhere.  What are the -positive- things about me?

I may not be able to connect with people because of my very different beliefs and observations about the universe.  I do, however, connect with the characters of my stories.  I’ve begun writing more to feel companionship.

Along those same lines, not everybody thinks the way I do.  Just because I look at a person and pick them to pieces and make decisions as to what clicks and what does not it doesn’t mean everyone else does;

My gift is my beauty.  No, that’s not vanity and no, I’m not drop-dead gorgeous like Mila Jovovich but I don’t look like a “guy in a dress,” either.  I don’t wish to be associated or give my time to causes, labels, or any sort of community, but I can give a website, an example, my confidence, and my style;