As my family knows, as of the 3rd of July, a day after something so horrendous, hideous, and unspeakably terrifying happened to me (i.e. waking up on someone’s lawn) that forced my hand, I quit drinking.

Yep, you read that right.  I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since the 3rd of July.  That’s like … what … almost two months, now?  Go me.

Anyway, not only have I stopped drinking but I’ve started a new diet.  No, I know, I don’t really need to diet– it’s more for my stomach’s sanity.  For some reason everything I eat makes my stomach hate life and consequently hate me.

Here’s what I’m eating:

  • brown rice
  • boiled chicken

Have I noticed a difference?  Not sure.  I drink so much caffeine in a day that my sleep cycle gets screwed up which doesn’t help things, either.

What, now I’m going to have to quit coffee and tea?