Have you played Resident Evil 5, yet?  No?  Well, WTF are you waiting for?

Seriously, though, this is the coolest game I’ve played in many moons.  It’s not quite a FPS, it’s not an MMO at all, you can play with a friend or by yourself, the graphics are great, the gameplay is fluid (though a bit jumpily fluid on my slightly-outdated graphics card), it’s satisfying, challenging without being too hard or frustrating, easy to walk away from, fun to come back to, and simple while being complicated enough to hold my (modern) attention span.

I’m not very good at it, mind you … it’s just plain fun.  For all you l33t haxx0r gamers out there, you’ll fly through it on veteran mode before I can even finish the first chapter on amateur (i.e. super-easy) mode.

BTW, when I say super-easy I mean easy for me.  Like, the zombies and bosses just walk up to you and stare are you for a while before smacking you.  This gives me ample time to panic, fat-finger all the keys, scream something like, “Ruuuuun!” reorient, run into a few walls, equip the wrong thing, open the inventory and not be able to shut it, accidentally pause it, and finally make a fancy and most likely accidental getaway through the gaping whole in the wall before yelping in elated joy that by my mad skillz I shall live another minute or two.

Oh well.  Happiness and satisfaction are subjective, right?  So let me bask in the self-created illusion of progression and skill as I fumble, stumble, and sloppily muddle my way through this fantastic time sink.