So there’s no way Adam came before Eve.  Eve created from a rib?  What a misogynistic, egotistical way to look at things. Thank god for science to show us that all foetuses start out female.

Sure, Adam being the very, very VERY first human being there may exceptions, but do you really think some creator made a dude first then aaaaall humans thereafter started out female in the womb? Suuure. I. Totally. Believe. You. In fact, I so don’t believe you that Adam most likely didn’t come first.

Yep, sorry about that. According to biology, evolution, and hundreds of years of studying shit, if anything Adam came at the same time as Eve.

If it’s any consolation, though, guys, in my oh-so-humble opinion, I believe men are more than women.

Lemme ‘splain. Actually, I’m not going to ‘splain, I’ll demonstrate.

Take a foetus, don’t give it too much testosterone, and it will naturally develop into a female. OK, cool. Now, take that female and give her testosterone and holy shit if she doesn’t bulk up, want to fuck everything, grow hair everywhere, exhibit the baldness gene if there is one, and preeeeetty much turn into a guy except for those pesky reproductive organs.

So men are basically women who have taken way, way too much testosterone, a “drug” that really fucks with your physiology. Taking too much of any drug will fuck with your physiology.

Now, take that newly-created Adam and yank him back to being a woman. It’s going to be kinda difficult. Sure, the pituitary glands are there and the reproductive organs in place, but it’s really kind of a one-way street.

To really illustrate this, take a “dude” from birth and try to reverse it. You really can’t. You can soften him up, make him lose muscle mass, and grow lumps of fat on his chest and butt, but the rest … well … chemicals can’t really help you there. He’ll have to physically carve up his skull, put silicon in his chest, fat injections on his hips, etc. There’s not a ton you can do about hand and foot size and that barrel of a ribcage and once the stretched vocal cords push that cartilage out of the neck like that, again, chopping it off with a saw is really the only recourse.

So … Eve came first and Adam is the “hulk” that came out of her so we’re all girls and boys are just girls who bulked up a lot. Hmm, what if we didn’t divide it by boy/girl … what if way said: girl and muscular girl. Or, girl and monster girl. Something like that to connote the “extension of” thingee.