We have certain areas of our mind, certain ideas, that we simply do not want to visit. Having watched enough horror movies, having listened to Electric Wizard almost exclusively for the last week, and never being afraid to think and explore places in my mind, I’m almost pushy to get people to take a jaunt to the dark recesses and scary corners of their mind.

Of course, I stop if they really get defensive– I know people will retaliate physically– I’ll let it rest. It’s not really worth it to me, anyway. If they don’t have an immediate impact on me it’s not something I have to worry about right now (like the guy and clones, etc).

Anyway, I took a good friend down horror lane last night, surprising even myself with my audacity and boldness. I, holding his hand, urging, he blurted out that-which-must-not-be-spoken and as the river of tears gushed out of his eyes I finally got to see the truth. We both saw it. He lived it and I saw it.

“Thanks for showing me.”