I write screenplays but I haven’t and won’t send them to any producers to get them made into movies.  While seeing my work visually would be a very satisfying and possibly financially rewarding experience, it simply wouldn’t be able to embody my stories and especially my characters (who make up the bulk of my story content) as I truly see them.

“Why, of course they wouldn’t,” you may say. “Artists are never satisfied with the finished product.”

And you would be right in this case, too. Let’s face it:  more often than not, the books are much better than the movie based on it. Not just that but to represent things in a more visual way than narrative/prose alters the foundations of the story.

No, my reasons are different and much more artistically integral.

The best way I can describe this is by example. You know my story, “True Love Survives,” about the trials that Kate and Maria have to suffer before being able to be with each other?

Well, in the story, both Kate and Maria are very beautiful so we’d pick beautiful women to represent them. But that person representing them is an actor with her own personality that– unless she’s been constructed out of clay from scratch (highly unlikely)–would reflect in her face.  And it’s there that I have to call for a timeout and say, “Wait a sec, wait a sec, wait a sec …”

Let’s get realistic:  the actor is some poor, starving student fresh out of college, moonlighting as a waitress, scrounging up money for pot, cable, and some cosmetics.  She’s probably wanted to be an actor since she was little and she went to Hollywood or some talent agency to “make it” and because everyone said, “Ooooo, you should be a model.  You can make a lots of money.”

Is Kate at all like that?  No.  No, she’s not.

What does a person look like who’s Kate?  Probably not any actress who would respond to a casting call for such a part and therein lies the conundrum.  To honestly portray Kate we’d have to find someone in a similar situation as Kate.  As we (hopefully) all know, this is not going to happen.  Why?  ‘Cause there’s no woman on the planet, in any culture, who has  a personality like Kate’s and is in the same or similar financial circumstances.

The solution is, then, that dear Kate, Maria, Andy, Matron, and Stagger Lee all have to remain in my head.