The following are the events of a three-year period. This period of time has been broken up into smaller pieces of time, or, sub-events. Each sub-event has been given a moral judgment of being “good” or “bad:”

A man and woman marry. Good.

Their personalities are not matched will and life becomes difficult for both. Unhappiness spreads like a disease and affects home and work. Bad.

A man and woman have a beautiful, healthy child. Both love the child dearly and make a pact to always put the child ahead of self-interest. Good.

Stress and tension become unbearable. Both are on medications and occasionally drink to cope and forget. Both practice escapism in various ways. They finally accept the inevitable and file for divorce. Bad.

Despite having gone through one of the most stress-causing experiences a human can have, both individuals keep their word and put the child’s mental and physical health and well-being above their own. The child grows up well-adjusted, happy, and loved. Good.

The divorce was costly for both parties and the stress of the divorce is replaced by the stress of surviving financially. All parties suffer to some degree. Bad.

The father consistently sees the child and makes sure they spend quality time together. Good.

The child is in daycare during the day and constantly exposed to disease. If the child is not actively overcoming a sickness then he is carrying one and is most likely contagious. Despite his best efforts, the father finds himself often afflicted with illness. Bad.

As a consequence of the divorce, the father has finally been able to fulfill a lifelong dream and begin his own business. Using years of savings, he is patiently growing the business into a life-long endeavor. Good.

The child infects the father who has no health insurance. Complications occur and the father spends the bulk of his savings on medical bills. Unable to maintain the business, the father is resigned to re-joining the workforce. Bad.

Some questions for you, the reader:

(1)  Was this three year experience “good” or “bad?”
(2)  If the father had seen the child less by moving to a different state, is this “good” or “bad?”
(3)  If it’s provable that the child would have suffered no ill consequences by not seeing the father, would (2) be “good” or “bad?”
(4)  If the father’s business does well out of state and he’s able to invite the child to live with him. Is this “good” or “bad?”
(5)  If, moving to join the father, the child falls in with a dangerous crowd and becomes addicted to drugs, was (4) now “good” or “bad?”