I’m playing on the computer. I hear a knock on my door.

Time passes and I realize my roommate isn’t opening the door. I leave my post, jump up, and run to open it.

It’s the neighbor. Great. She’s done this before. I was ready.

“I’m not playing any music; in fact, my speakers are broken.”

“No, it’s not music, it’s something else. Can you please stop?”

“Uhhh … I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m even wearing headphones. Look, why don’t you even come into my room and see what I’m doing.”

“It sounds like a shooting game.”

“No, I’ve just been playing WoW. In fact, I’ve been sitting idle for the last 10min. So I’m not sure what the noise is.”

“I hate to be a bitch, I just want to sleep.”

“I wish I could help.”

“Well can you please stop?”

“Stop what? Look, next time you come up, please define what it is that’s bugging you so I can help you.”

I didn’t even say goodbye to her as she left. Christ. Sure, I’ll stop. Whatever you say.

They have loud parties here almost every day and me sitting in my room playing WoW is freaking her out. I give up. Really.