What is it about anonymity that makes people such douchebags?

It’s tantamount to throwing insults while driving. Everyone who is 16 or older is guilty of that. When we no longer have the consequence of seeing our target face-to-face they’re no longer a real person and are simply an electronic avatar that can’t physically hurt you.

A character in a virtual universe is essentially anonymity; you have only have a made-up name. It is difficult– if not impossible– for the average person to have the know-how to trace communications on a private server back to the originating computer let alone physically find that person, look them in the eye, and tell them how disappointed their mother would be (they may not even care– I know I don’t) and how you pray daily to Jesus Christ and Allah that people close to them contract debilitating and incurable cancer.

It must boil down to the fact that– simply put– people are shit. That one percent DNA difference that gives us the advantage in the technology race over apes is … well … simply that. One percent advantage.

Greed, avarice, jealousy, self-absorption, and … douchebaggery toward fellow symbiotes … weren’t a part of that one percent.