London, England, back when chloroformed bugs with pins in their spines, hairsprayed perfectly in a frame were a big deal. Cars you cranked and prayed that it wasn’t too humid for the sparks to ignite the fuel and get the engine running.

While a total stereotype– laughable one, even, but one that the British, themselves embrace in comedies like Black Adder– the Brits think that every little shit they take is an amazing discovery. So you conquered nations, subjected them to your laws, grew bloated and overwhelmed with your greed, and then ended up distilled down to a tiny little country known for it’s pop music and sarcastic comedy.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the countries you tried to change to be like you finally got to take back over their country and fuck it up like only human beings can. And you even setup an assembly to help them do it, an organization that wastes enough money to make many people very rich (are you guys hiring?).

And I’m related to you guys.