The dis-accord and general lack of unity among you is ridiculous and reprehensible.

Instead of a group of minorities coming together to take a proud stand for the right to exist in the face of a ridiculously overwhelming majority, you throw around threats, demands, and indignation.

The worst of all is that the systems and precepts which you so adamantly defend, the injustices which you decry, are based in flawed and contrived ideas.

“Gender” is an unnecessary abstraction the nature of which will only produce controversy and discrimination.

“Gender” spawned from “sex,” a binary designation of the physical description of the external appearance of an individual’s genitals.

The “sex” designation came about because it is one of the most important things to a species who relies on sexual reproduction to propagate itself.

Unfortunately, given the amount of data there is on reproduction, a binary and especially visual definition is outdated, inaccurate, and undescriptive.  Right now “sex” is about as useful as offering two options for “race.”

Therefore, the foundation on which “gender” was built is shaky, unstable, unsafe, and condemnable. Given such conditions it should not be in use at all. Instead of fighting for the right to express one or the other, it should be deprecated completely.

Switching gears, the DLD is a bureaucratic entity designed to discourage irresponsible driving and lower automobile-related fatalities by creating a “barrier” to entry in the form of fees, tests, and fines. This is the only reason it exists.

Do you really think that your reproductive responsibility is a factor in driving an automobile or participating in the task of overcoming the contrived entry barrier?  It’s about as important as race to a system of fees and fines.  The entity only cares about a capacity to pay and ability to regurgitate information.

You shouldn’t be fighting for the right to put “F” or “M” on your license as you please, you should be fighting to have the designation removed completely.

You shouldn’t be fighting for an “F” or “M” at all. You should be fighting to update “sex” to a more accurate description.

The focus of your energy is misplaced. It’s like arguing over how much gas to put in a car when the vehicle should use an alternative energy source in the first place.